Friday, 12 December 2008

Terry Pratchett- The first Discworld novel

Terry Pratchett

'The Colour of Magic'

Terry Pratchetts first Discworld novel ‘The Colour of Magic’ is a story with a lot of humour and excitement. It’s a science-fiction fantasy novel that has some similarities with Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings. The characters in his book are quite original and well thought out. For example, Rincewind the Wizard is a coward who somehow manages to get out of all difficult situations and has much fortune.

Terry Pratchett gives his characters quite bold personalities and they all vary. Two- flower, who is a native tourist, moves on hundreds of little legs.

One of the things Terry Pratchett did for me was that for the first time in my life he encouraged me to have a big imagination. He makes you think of lots of different colours that are quite bright and cartoon like. Colours that come to my mind are blue, yellow, gold, red and black. The novel explores endless possibilities and endless ways of being. Also the creatures he creates eventually become unsurprising because in science-fiction fantasy there are so many different ways in creating characters in terms of shape, form, personality etc. This novel is a great example of that and so much happens in this book. For example towards the end Rincewind falls off the edge of the Discworld and miraculously survives.

Terry Pratchett’s humour throughout the book is very bold and mocks in many ways the human mind. In the book for example a conversation goes on.

‘You find chokeapples under a chokeapple tree’ he said. ‘You find treasure under altars. Logic’

His humour comes often by mocking his characters and making them appear to be stupid and clueless. Yet at the same time they seem to get by in life and be quite successful. Terry Pratchett mocks rationality because he makes his characters unfocused in terms of their actions and they seem to just get themselves caught up in situations which they did not intend to be in. Rincewind the wizard did not intend to leave his hometown. He got thrown out of his University because he could only do one spell. He is portrayed as a helpless old wizard.

You get a feeling for Terry Pratchett’s books by his covers. It’s not always true when people say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ because this book is that. The book cover gives you a feeling of the content inside. If you’re interested in novels and want to get started then this book is ideal. ‘The Colour of Magic’ entices you and encourages you to have a big imagination. It is full of strange creatures and strange landscapes. The Discworld itself is supported by four elephants and a turtle on top. This book is great if you like things such as myths and magic and a world which is distant from how we know it.

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