Monday, 22 June 2009

Myspace Music

I first came onto MySpace not knowing much about how it works. I joined mainly to write film reviews. I was pleased and surprised to discover lots of good bands on there as well. As I used it more I soon became familiar with it and the bands.

The first band that I went to see was ‘On Off Switch’ in March 2009. I saw them at a pub that was near King’s Cross station in London called ‘The Rats’. There are four members in the band. A drummer named Daniel Goudie, Kat Cheadle who is the vocalist, Robbie Sattin on Guitars and Chris Mathison who was on the Bass and synchroniser. They are a band that has a mixture of music genres. Elements of pop, rock, electronic and funk are all in the band which make them interesting. The singer Kat in my opinion is a great singer. The other members are also technically talented.

‘On Off Switch’ is only a small band but I think they have the potential to make it big. The crowd on the night was small but I think everyone could see the potential they had. The band is young and enthusiastic with lots more to offer as they are always producing new songs. I particularly liked ‘Chemicals’ and ‘OK Robot’- these were my favourite songs. The band is very energetic and they have similarities to groups such as K.T. Tunstall, Squarepusher, Madonna and Evanescence.

I came out feeling very satisfied and cheerful after the gig and talked a lot to my friend about them. I would definitely recommend them. Their MySpace address is:

The second band I went to see was ‘Mr Twist’. They played at 93 Feet East on 15th April 2009 in Brick Lane, London. The band was superb and played with other great bands that I had never heard of before. ‘Mr Twist’s’ influences are from bands such as Muse, Led Zeppelin, Biffy Clyro and Iron Maiden. They are quite an experimental band with a real passion for rock music. Their songs on Myspace are Break Before I Bend, The World Is Watching, Drink and Dial, Settle The Score and Lying On Demand.

The Venue was quite big and was fairly packed. The band is definitely unique and worth seeing. They were on stage for around 45 minutes and played first. The band has four members including a drummer, vocalist, guitar and Bass. I briefly spoke to the vocalist after the gig and he thanked me for coming. ‘Mr Twist’ are full of energy and passion and you could see that they are playing to makes themselves feel good and to make other people feel good. I hope they make it big as I think they deserve it. It is a shame that bands like Mr Twist are not bigger than they are because the guitarist, drummer and singer are all very good and committed. They made my day a little bit more special and made me cheerful. Their MySpace address is:

The latest band I have seen is ‘Kyoshi’. I went to see them at Greenwich, London on April 23rd 2009. The band members are Leanne on Vocals, Dan on the guitars, Chris on the Bass and Ben on the drums. Some of the bands influences come from Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley.

Kyoshi have a mixture of pop, ska and indie which make them fun and exciting. The bands best beats are ‘Bang’ and ‘Your Own Beat’. The support band ‘Esteban’ I thought were also great, but I thought Kyoshi were more interesting and different. The vocalist Leanne has a Lily Allen Posture and a similar singing style.

The band played around 30-45 minutes and showed their potential. They are a young band who could do well. The gig was free which made it extra special. The venue was fairly full and I think everyone enjoyed the music. I would recommend this band to anyone and I will see them again if they play in London. This band is very energetic and has potential. Hopefully they will be successful and will keep playing great music. Their MySpace address is:

I will continue to see more MySpace bands in the future. Considering how low the ticket prices are you get a great deal. Bands like ‘Kyoshi’ were free and I am sure there are more. If you are in a band and want to widen your audiences then MySpace is a great place to start. Or if you are interested in getting involved with other bands that can give you advice about music then MySpace is also useful for this.

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