Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Michael Jackson tribute at the O2. 1958-2009

Yesterday would have been one out of 50 concerts that Michael Jackson would have performed in. Instead of which, thousands of fans including me gathered together and celebrated the life of this wonderful man. I went with my mum and she brought her friend along with her. It was an ideal tribute to one of the greatest ever entertainers of our time. The fans wanted to give Michael Jackson the best possible send off. People were dressing up like Michael Jackson and wearing his hats as well.

Throughout the day people were playing Michael Jackson songs on big speakers. The song that was stuck in my head was ‘They don’t care about us’. Me and my mum had a memorable night which was full of emotion and a great spirit. I stayed at the 02 for about 4 and half hours in total. I also spent some time in the 02 arena which was incredible. There were lots of shops and restaurants inside. It was the first time I had ever been in the Millennium Dome.

There were many messages on the wall at the back which were written and dedicated to Michael Jackson. The main stage at the back had some great dancers, such as Michael Lewis who did a fantastic job in capturing Michael Jackson’s charisma. At times there would be many fans standing on the stage calling Michael Jackson’s name and mixing with the crowd. I sang some Michael Jackson songs with the smaller crowd. Songs such as ‘Heal The World and ‘You Are Not Alone’ were a few I sang. There was also a massive screen high up at the back showing pictures of Michael Jackson from when he was a child and as an adult. I thought it was really beautiful when it was dark and fans were lighting candles and throwing lighted balloons into the air. There were also white and black balloons of Michael Jackson which were also released into the air. They were great moments.

The banners and pictures of Michael Jackson at the back were amazing. There seemed to be two main crowds of Michael Jackson fans on the night. Ones that were in the back and ones that were crowding around a smaller stereo. It was just around 15 yards from the back stage. From what I saw the fans were mainly young but there were some older ones as well. There were lots of people wearing Michael Jackson hats and costumes, to pay a great tribute. Some of the dancers were superb!

What has always gripped me about Michael Jackson was how mentally strong he was and how determined he seemed. He has a great positivity about his actions. He is a character of extremities and with him there is no middle way. Lisa Marie Presley had also said the same thing about him. Off course on the other hand however he was very vulnerable because of the fact that he did not have a proper childhood. This made him an easy target for the media and Martin Bashir. His vulnerabilities were being exploited. He was a very affectionate person with a lot to offer to the world. In time he will be recognised as a musical genius and his music will shine through; even more in years to come.

Back to the tribute night, it was full of great genuine fans who loved Michael Jackson. Towards the end of the night there was a minute silence to remember him. We all clapped together and cheered when the minute silence was over to celebrate his life.

My mum showed me a photo of the event in the Evening Standard newspaper today. I was on the right side of the photo as I was pleasantly surprised and shocked.

Overall it was a wonderful tribute to a true legend of our time. R.I.P. Michael.

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